The following are general rules to follow when editing on the wiki.

Creating pages

All pages on the wiki must be relevant to the wiki's subject, otherwise they will be immediately deleted. The creator will be given a warning, and a block will be dropped should they make more unneeded pages.

  • Characters - All character's names should follow the basic spelling, puncutation, grammar rules; a surname, if known, is required to be given on the page.
  • Locations - The same rule applies to locations. If the name is not given, a reasonable name shall be used for the page.
  • Events - All events' names are required to be reasonable, following the same guidelines amongst grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Merchandise - All merchandise is required to have a title that will not confuse the readers and the editors. (Example: April Showers (film))

Uploading files

All files uploaded to the wiki must be appropriate. Anything inappropriate will be deleted, and the user who uploaded them will be blocked indefinitely. Pictures unrelated to the wiki's topic are permitted as content to a user's profile page. Avoid uploading duplicate pictures.

Behavioral Policies

  • Assume good faith - Assume that the users on this wiki are trying to help it, not hurt it.
  • Civility - Avoid being rude and insensitive. Tread with caution with other users and try not to offend them.
  • Editing - Everyone is free to edit the wiki, and improve pages wherever possible. Don't worry about leaving them imperfect; nobody and nothing is perfect.
  • Legal threats - Use dispute resolution rather than legal threats for everybody's sake. Should you decide to take legal action, do not edit until the conflict is resolved.
  • Personal attacks - Do not make any personal attacks whatsoever. Comment on the content, not the contributor. These attacks damage the comunity, and upsets other users.
  • Article ownership - By joining the wiki, you agreed to let others modify your work.
  • Vandalism - Vandalism is any addition, deletion, or change to content made in a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of this site. It is, and needs to be, removed as quickly as possible. Continually adding and re-adding erroneous information, even if it is not offensive, is considered vandalism because it compromises the accuracy of the site and creates more work for other editors to constantly remove it. Potential vandals should realize that admins have many tools at their disposal to handle vandalism quickly and efficiently; it often takes a user considerably longer to vandalize an article than it does to restore it, and often results in the user being blocked, so users should really just find something better to do with their time.

Policy Enforcement

  • Admins/Sysops - There is currently one admin for this wiki: User:Love and Lust. In addition, all of the Wikia Staff has admin capabilities. Any editor is invited to bring concerns to any of these users.
  • Blocking/Banning policy - Users who vandalize articles with offensive, profane, or vulgar language will be blocked indefinitely for the first offense. Logged-in users who vandalize other ways will be given a warning for the first offense. Anonymous users will be blocked for a short period of time. If a user continues to be caught vandalizing the wiki, they will be blocked for a longer period of time. If it is obvious the user has tried to correct their erroneous edits, they might be given a warning.
    • Vandalizing also includes repeatedly removing useful, sourced information.
    • "It was just a joke! I'm sorry!"- If a user has seen the error of his vandalizing ways and wants to return to the wiki to provide useful edits, they can contact an admin and ask to be unblocked.
    • Users might also be blocked for violating other Wiki policies and repeatedly ignoring warnings from admins.

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